Vätternrundan 2021

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The day before (2 sept)…

Anticipating tomorrow’s big event, here are some images of Askersund that the bikers will reach at their 256 km of the 315 km. You can also appreciate their landscape on to Motala and how they will be greeted by the fellow biker just after entering Östergötalands län (district), some 20 km before the finish line.
Today’s activities in Motala were focused on several shorter MTB-races, with a broad participation of enthusiasts of all ages and levels. The two hosts helped participants (and the public) to navigate to the assigned start lines and times.


Throughout Friday, the 3 September, excitement was in the air, as participants registered, checked their bikes and adjusted their plans on how to handle the challenge of this amazing tour.

Vätternrundan 2021’s official start

At 19:30 sharp, the first group of bikers started its 315 km ride around Vättern. The group was followed by other groups leaving every 2 minutes until all the 8847 participants had started.

Vätternrundan 2021 on Saturday, 4 September

Trångstad Räcers CK was assigned a departure time-slot at 04:34. The weather was fine – clear sky and amazing nordic dawn.

Vätternrundan 2021, after 315 km

After riding for about 10 hours to cover the 315 km, the team was happy and proud of their feat.

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